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2006 Canadian Junior Wushu Team Selection

Participation Method

Taolu Events
Sanshou Events
Participation Method
What to Bring
Competition Method
Competition Schedule
Taolu Results
Western Canadian Junior Wushu Championship
Canadian Junior Wushu Team Selection - Western Canadian Region
(Registration CLOSED)
Each taolu competitor may enter 2 to 3 events, (1 bare-handed routine, 1 short weapon routine, 1 long weapon routine)
Sanshou competitor may enter in one weight division.
Entry Fee:
$100 for competitors that had registered with 3 year CCWO membership in 2004 or 2005.
$130 for all other competitors.
in certified cheque or money order, make payable to Northern Wushu Association.
Mail the following:
  1. completed entry form,
  2. entry fee
  3. photocopy of proof of Canadian citizenship
  4. photocopy of 3 years CCWO membership registered in 2004 & 2005 (if any)
Northern Wushu Association
100, 111 5 Avenue SW, Suite 818
Calgary, Alberta T2P3Y6
Deadline for receiving registration
Click below to download Entry Form
For more info, email us at